don't approach her, man.

Duhh. Sound like doctor love huh? I just don't know. As usual, woke up this morning and then log-in into twitter acc and then I saw one of my followers tweet this 

''Be a man. Don't approach her. Approach her Wali.''

And I was like uuuuuu. It's very true brah. Seriously. So what do you think, man? I'm not going to talk about love, because I know my love story wasn't great at all and plus i'm not a doctor love. Sarcasm much. LOL. Falling in love was so easy. But for how long then? A month? 2 months? 7 months? A year? 10 years? You name it. Then when the love began to fade and realized that we weren't meant for each other and separated and break. Ohh it was very painful. 

I believe that true love is so hard to find. Just so you know, God already has someone better for you, for us. Have a little faith. So man, don't approach her, approach her Wali. Then only your relationship will be blessed.

Godamm, why so mellow? Long sigh-

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